Memory Portfolio

Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Patents
DRAM is the most commonly used type of computer memory in the world, with DRAM semiconductor technology found in most computerized devices. Conversant’s reputation as a technology innovator was established in the mid-1970s, when our engineers made important discoveries that significantly improved the operation of DRAM semiconductor chips. We invented novel approaches to wordline driver and bitline isolation techniques, Delay Locked Loop (DLLs), sense amplifiers and memory array architecture.

Many of these innovations were widely adopted in the DRAM industry, leading to our first patent licensing program. We signed our first patent licensing agreement in 1999. Today, we’ve successfully now licensed virtually the entire commodity DRAM business to our DRAM patents.

Over the years, we’ve strengthened our DRAM-related portfolio with the acquisition of patents from semiconductor leaders such as Samsung, Hynix and Micron Technologies. We now own one of the world’s best memory portfolios—more than 4,000 patents and applications related to DRAM and other memory technologies. The importance of this portfolio is reflected in our continued licensing success, repeatedly signing new licenses and license renewals during the past 15 years. And we now have under management an additional 6,000 patents and applications related to DRAM.

We are also actively developing—and acquiring—new patents in emerging memory technologies, such as Restive Random Access Memory (ReRAM) and 3D NAND.

Flash Memory Patents
Flash memory is a type of electronic memory commonly used in portable electronic devices. With the growing popularity of mobile computing, Flash memory is a growth market.

In 2007, Conversant unveiled HyperLink NAND (HLNAND™), a breakthrough Flash memory technology that dramatically improves the performance of Solid State Drives (SSDs) and other data storage products using Flash memory. We’re continually refining HLNAND’s uniquely scalable architecture, and today this technology delivers the SSD industry’s most advanced capabilities for the mass-storage market. Our talented engineers have filed more than 700 Flash-related patents and applications—and we believe these patents are widely used in Flash technologies and system-level storage solutions.

Embedded Memory Patents
Whereas a DRAM or Flash memory chip is typically a “standalone” or discrete device, “embedded memory” is a type of memory that is integrated, or built, into a multi-function semiconductor device. Embedded memory is often used in high-performance microprocessors and consumer products such as game consoles.

Conversant has filed, and also acquired, far-reaching patents related to both embedded memory and Static RAM (SRAM) technologies. We believe our technology is used widely in embedded memory solutions such as Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), System-on-Chip (SoC) products, and microprocessor technologies. Our Embedded Memory patent portfolio continues to grow through synergies with our world-leading memory portfolio, and acquisitions.

Patent Office

All Conversant patents are available for review at the U.S. Patent Office. Alternatively, visit Google Patents

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“Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.” is the new name of MOSAID Technologies Incorporated.